The U.S. Military in a Dangerous World: How Much is Enough

The Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy recently brought together three experts to discuss current U.S. defense strategy. “The U.S. Military in a Dangerous World: How Much is Enough?” The September 2015 panel featured:

(Distributed November 9, 2015)

Tiny New Hampshire communities guard midnight voting tradition

Wendy Schiller, professor and chair of political science, comments on a New Hampshire town's 100-year-old tradition of voting for presidential nominees at the stroke of midnight. "It's the foundation of democracy," Schiller said.

(Distributed November 4, 2015)

NPR's Nina Totenberg: The Taubman Center Interview

Nina Totenberg, award-winning legal correspondent for National Public Radio, recently spoke about the Supreme Court, reflecting on forty years of reporting on the pinnacle of the American legal system. Presented by the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy, the October 2015 event in De Ciccio Auditorium was this year’s Alexander Meiklejohn Lecture, “in honor of the first amendment, and in honor of all the people who bring it to life in their daily work,” said James Morone, director of the Taubman Center.

(Distributed November 1, 2015)

Stephen Kinzer Stephen Kinzer’s Top Ten Tips on Writing a Strong Op-Ed

Stephen Kinzer, foreign affairs columnist for the Boston Globe, recently presented “Breaking Out of the Academy: How to Write Opinion Pieces for the Mainstream Press,” his tips on writing short-form for those in the Ivory tower. Kinzer, a senior fellow at Brown’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, addressed a packed room of students and faculty at the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy, which sponsored the late-September talk.

(Distributed October 1, 2015)

New York Times Columnist Charles Blow on the New Civil Rights Movement

On September 17, the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy presented Charles Blow, a New York Times op-ed columnist who writes weekly on issues including race relations, social justice, gender equity, and presidential politics. Blow was this year’s John Hazen White, Sr. lecturer. Blow presented his talk, titled “The New Civil Rights Movement,” to a sold-out crowd at the Salomon Center, and received two standing ovations after his speech and Q&A session.

(Distributed September 30, 2015)
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