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The Taubman Center conducts quarterly public opinion surveys of Rhode Island voters on a wide variety of topics.

Rhode Island State Survey, February 2001

R.I. Voters Favor Car Tax Phaseout; Oppose Clinton Pardon of Rich

A survey of 350 statewide voters conducted February 24-25 finds voters support phasing out the state tax on cars and strongly oppose President Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich. Nearly two-thirds of voters feel the state is headed in the right direction, and believe education, unemployment, and jobs are the most important problems facing the state.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, August 2000

Weygand Leads Licht in U.S. Senate Democratic Primary; Democrats Trail Chafee in Senate General Election; Langevin is Ahead of Coyne-McCoy in Second Congressional District Democratic Primary

Providence Journal/Brown University Survey
August 26-30, 2000

Darrell M. West

Providence City Survey, June 2000

Brown Policy Reports

"Assessing the Providence Place Mall"

by Darrell West and Marion Orr
June, 2000

Taubman Center for Public Policy
67 George Street
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912-1977
(401) 863-2201

Table of Contents:

Darrell M. West and Marion Orr

Rhode Island State Survey Commentary, February 2000

Commentary on Brown University Survey, February, 2000 (posted February 23, 2000)

The February, 2000 Brown University survey shows some startling turnarounds in political fortunes and several warning signs on the horizon. Below, I summarize the most important results of the poll and discuss their political significance. Actual survey results can be found in the accompanying press release posted on

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, February 2000

New Brown University Survey Shows McCain Leads Gore Among R.I. Voters; Gore Leads Bradley and Bush

Sen. John McCain draws more support among Rhode Island voters than either Democratic presidential candidate, according to a new survey of 327 Rhode Island voters conducted Feb. 19-21, 2000. The survey also finds Sen. Lincoln Chafee ahead in his Senate race and Rep. Robert Weygand leading Richard Licht in the race for the Democratic Senate nomination. Many voters see racial tension as a big problem in Rhode Island and are less optimistic about the state's economy.

Darrell M. West

Providence City Survey, September 1999

Brown University Survey Shows Vice President Gore in Virtual Tie with Bradley and Bush (posted Sept. 29, 1999)

A survey of 363 Rhode Island voters conducted September 25-27 also finds a close race for U.S. Senate, high marks for Mayor Cianci, and a drop in consumer confidence about the state economy. Voters cite education, jobs, and taxes as the most important state problems.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey Commentary, June 1999

U.S. Senate Race
The possibility of an Arlene Violet independent candidacy has thrown Rhode Island's 2000 U.S. Senate race into a tizzy. In a trial matchup between Congressman Robert Weygand and Warwick Mayor Lincoln Chafee, Weygand leads by 45 to 26 percent. However, when talk radio show host Violet is included, 29 percent support Weygand, 24 percent favor Violet, and 21 percent support Chafee.

Darrell M. West
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