Arts in the One World

"It's always free, there's always food, and conversation is at the heart of it." Professor Erik Ehn

Arts in the One World is an annual gathering that brings together students, faculty, artists, and activists to explore the ways in which the artistic and the political can work together. We draw together students, faculty, practitioners and activists across disciplines, from immediate and international communities, framing presentations and conversations open to the school and the general public. We explore various ways artistic, political, and historical purposes intersect (through reconciliation, the recovery of historical memory, and advocacy for justice). Our aim is to come out of the conference with new collaborations, new maps, new actions.

Each year the gathering explores themes around art practice and social justice. Previous themes have included art making as the center of one’s life, one’s art as a life in civics, how the work of art/peace-building is sometimes at the vanguard of progressive change, and how it is sometimes manipulated. 

The sessions that make up the AOW gathering are built around meals, each hosted at a different site in Providence. While many of these meetings are public, a few are by invitation only.