Assad is a sufi sunbeam, a punk sub for g*d into/out of the library, a practicing dance freak, intersex demon, music/maker, and historian-poet. He writes the intersections of anatomical science, technology, cumputing, and capitalist regimes in his dissertation. Full on staring back at the scientific gaze and asking "OK, but how are you feeling?" Assad wants to sit with you, asking you about your day -- that is the scholarly mode he insists on, lovingly. Spiritual scholarship and persian landlineages of boteh, nowruz, yalda, and the healer's hands that feel feverish texts during the dog days of summer. Purging, and bleeding the notions. Timing, but the off-time that suits dreams. Then, cuddling in bed. Rest. Dance. The One thing, that's all. Have a beautiful day.