Brett Zehner

Brett Zehner HeadshotBrett Zehner HeadshotBrett Zehner is a scholar of performance studies and new media who researches emerging technologies of resistance. Brett's dissertation project, Seizing the Means of Desubjection, explores the ubiquitous emergence of predictive media in the form of machine learning. This research aims to provide a conceptual genealogy of racial capitalism and automated systems prevalent in today's mediascape. For instance, theories of identity formation and cultural politics must be updated with the emergence of machines that capture human performance for the profit of capital. As a digital language artist, Brett is also interested in new aesthetic-political formations emerging through artist explorations of artificial intelligence. Over the past five years, Brett has troubled the boundaries of collaborative literary practice, conceptual and computational art forms, and social practices informed by academic and community-based research. This experimentation has taken the form of various intermedia projects that test the limits of technological platforms and their relation to economies of personal expression. Brett has shared his research and creative work internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from Brown University and an MFA from UC San Diego.