Senior Slot Productions: Deadline Approaching

February 16, 2017

Senior Slot Productions are an excellent opportunity for a capstone experience in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performnce Studies. Application deadlines for both the Theatre and Dance Senior Slot Productions are approaching Get your application in soon!

Check the Undergradute Handbook for full details.

Dance Senior Slot Production

Students must apply for the slot in the Spring semester of their junior year for production in the Spring semester of their senior year.  If no proposals are submitted, there will not be a dance senior slot that season.

The production can be for devised work or for the restaging and/or reimagining of a pre-existing dance work from the historical or contemporary dance repertory.

Interested juniors must either have taken at least one semester of dance composition or choreography at Brown (or elsewhere); enrolled in a choreography class during the year of the proposed project; or otherwise demonstrate a basic choreographic craft.

Proposals are reviewed by the dance faculty and approved by the entire TAPS faculty and staff and are evaluated on demonstrated compositional acumen, well-researched and considered ideas, and the feasibility of the successful completion of the project. Excellence in academic work and demonstrated understanding of the theory, practice, and history of dance will also be considered.

Proposals are due by March 1, 2017 for possible inclusion in 2017-18 season and should be sent directly to Julie Strandberg.

Theatre Senior Slot Production

The Theatre Senior Slot Production occurs every Fall semester. Every year, one junior (or .5 senior) TAPS concentrator is selected to direct a mainstage production in the following academic year’s Sock & Buskin Season. We have now opened this opportunity to playwrights, as well as directors. This opportunity is thus open for proposals from:

  • A junior director submitting any play or project of their choice (to be directed in their senior year).
  • A junior writer submitting their own play (to be produced during their senior year).
  • A junior director and a writer co-submitting a proposal for a student-written play (to be produced during the director and playwright’s senior year only).

The chosen play is given a budget, full production, and faculty mentorship. (Professor Kym Moore is currently the Theatre Senior Slot advisor.) The play is usually mounted in Leeds Theatre in early December of the concentrator’s senior year, but other spaces may be considered from time to time (e.g. for site specific work). To be selected for senior slot, students must submit a proposal to be adjudicated by a committee composed of TAPS faculty. Juniors and/or .5 seniors with a proven track record, quality grades, as well as sustained interest and achievement in the art of directing or writing for performance are encouraged to apply.

Proposals for the following academic year will be accepted until midnight on March 1 before your Senior Year and should be emailed to Kym Moore.