PRESS RELEASE: Laura Rikard brings Chekov’s The Seagull to Brown University

“Any idiot can face a crisis-it’s day to day living that wears you out” – Anton Chekhov

A play is performed on the shore of a lake. Its young idealistic author is devastated when his work is mocked by his family and friends. Passions and jealousies rise as his beloved gives her heart to his rival. With a hint of absurdist humor and melancholy, The Seagull explores our unquenchable human desire to live an extraordinary life.

(Distributed September 25, 2015)

Tadeusz Kantor Centenary commemorated in TAPS

Michal Kobialka Professor of Theatre in the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance at the University of Minnesota visits Brown on October 2 for two lectures commemorating the centenary of Tadeusz Kantor's birth. Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990), Polish visual artist and theatre director, was born on April 6, 1915.  He can be placed among a select group of the twentieth century’s most influential theatre practitioners. More information.

(Distributed September 9, 2015)
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