Paulina Acosta


Paulina AcostaPaulina AcostaPaulina is a doctoral student in the Theatre Arts & Performance Studies Department. She is currently interested in how the Nueva Canción legacy (protest song) is being honored by femme/feminine musicians today, while exploring how these artists decide to navigate a balance between their activism and the music industry in their respective nation states of the region we call América Latina. She also explores what it means - financially, legally, and administratively - to be a queer, people of color performing arts venue/organization in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to make herself useful in the prevention of gentrification-related shut downs of these spaces. 
The words and concepts she challenges and engages with are Latinidad, América Latina, urgency, memory, colonial time, coloniality, post-dictatorial and neoliberal times, the "popular", the feminine, mujerista, muxeriazgo, and birthing/birthwork.
She has travelled throughout Mexico, the Southern Cone and was an undergraduate student abroad at Pontifica Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile for a semester. 
Paulina received her B.A. from the Chicano/Latino Studies Department with a Minor in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of California, Berkeley.