Stefanie Miller

Stefanie MillerStefanie Miller

Stefanie Miller is a PhD candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies and a SSHRC doctoral fellow. Her dissertation project investigates how we develop political feelings by participating in choreographies of protest. It examines on and off stage sites from the 1960s through the present, attending to how they generate alternatives to dominant, habitual, and institutional ways of feeling. The project looks to choreographic practices and their effects in order to intervene in typical narratives about the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of political protests.

Stefanie holds a BA in English from McGill, and a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. In the 2016-17 academic year, she will co-convene a Mellon Graduate Workshop called “Performing Dissent: Bodies, Body Politic and Practices of Protest” with Esther Kurtz. Her essay, “States of Insurrection in Native Girl Syndrome,” is forthcoming in Performance Matters.