The Concentration

The Department offers a concentration in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. Concentrators chose one of the following "tracks" to study within the concentration:

  • Theatre Arts
  • Performance Studies
  • Writing for Performance

Each track has a requirement of ten (10) courses to fulfill the concentration and culminates in a collective senior seminar in which concentrators work with advisors to explore possibilities for careers in their area of study after graduation.

If your interest lies in acting and directing - consider the Theatre Arts track.

For the broad spectrum of  live art, including design, production, dramaturgy and dance - consider the Performance Studies track.

For the writing of plays or performance-based live art - consider the Writing for Performance track. 

As a student, you can be involved in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies whether you become a concentrator or simply take a single course. For specific information on each concentration, click the links above. Please see our Undergraduate Handbook for more detailed information.