Additional Course Information

Most, if not all of these classes are Instructor Override.  If you have general questions about obtaining an Instructor Override, please consult the Student FAQ at the Office of the Registrar's website.

See below for application forms and further instructions for the following TAPS classes: 

TAPS 0220 - Persuasive Communication

Instructor: Barbara Tannenbaum.  Primarily for seniors. Limited to 18 per section.  Interested students should fill out and submit the TAPS 0220 Application form via campus mail to Jo Bynum, Box 1897.  Applications can also be dropped off in person in the main office (Lyman 106). Please note the date of submission will be the date the application arrives in the office (either in person or via campus mail), not the date that you may have filled out the application.  Please note you will not receive a confirmation of receipt of the application due to the high volume of applications we receive.  Questions about the waitlist should be directed to the department via email at [email protected] You must attend the first day of class, as no permission will be given during pre-registration


TAPS 0030 - Introduction to Acting and Directing

Instructors: Connie Crawford (Fall/Spring AM sections), Cloteal Horne  (Fall PM section), and Haley Schwartz (Spring PM section). This class for first-year students only explores basic acting/directing concepts from a variety of perspectives including the use of the actor's imagination/impulsivity in the creation of truthful, dramatic performance; the body, as a way of knowing and communicating knowledge; and the voice, as a means of discovering and revealing emotion/thought.  There is a mandatory tech requirement.     Interested students should complete the questionnaire and submit it via email to the instructors listed for the section(s) selected on the application or hand it in directly to the appropriate instructor at the Orientation meeting or at the first class.  No permission will be given during pre-registration.  No prior experience is necessary but all four sections of this class usually fill up quickly.  

A departmental orientation is held at the beginning of the Fall Semester as part of the larger campus-wide undergrad Orientation.  Attendance at this orientation is encouraged if you wish to join this class in either semester, as applicants for the spring sections are selected starting in the Fall.   Check your orientation brochures or the undergraduate orientation website for the location. 

TAPS 0030 Application 

Tech Requirement:
Run Crew Information 
Run Crew Expectations 
Fall Production Dates  (subject to change)


 TAPS 1175 - Acting Shakespeare



 TAPS 1210 - Solo Performance (spring semester only)

Solo Application TBA


Dance Course Descriptions

Since the description of courses in Banner are limited, the TAPS dance instructors are providing more thorough descriptions for several of the dance courses to assist you with your decisions.

Dance Course Descriptions