Additional Course Information

Most, if not all of these classes are Instructor Override.  If you have general questions about obtaining an Instructor Override, please consult the Student FAQ at the Office of the Registrar's website.

See below for application forms and further instructions for the following TAPS classes: 

TAPS 0220 - Persuasive Communication

Instructor: Barbara Tannenbaum.  Primarily for seniors. Limited to 18 per section.  Interested students should fill out and submit the TAPS 0220 Application form via this electronic application form. Please note the date of submission will be the date you complete the online application.  You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt, but no additional communication following the confirmation. Submittal of this form puts you on the waitlist for the course. Your name will remain on the wait list until after the Estimated Graduation Date you enter.   Permission to register (an override code) is given out after the first class (attend the section in which you wish to enroll) to the selected students. Considerations for registration overrides include graduation date, length of time on the wait list, experience and need. Questions about the waitlist should be directed to the department via email at [email protected] You must attend the first day of class as no permission will be given during pre-registration 


TAPS 0030 - Introduction to Acting and Directing

Instructors for Spring 2022:  Connie Crawford and Claire Koenig. This class explores basic acting/directing concepts from a variety of perspectives including the use of the actor's imagination/impulsivity in the creation of truthful, dramatic performance; the body, as a way of knowing and communicating knowledge; and the voice, as a means of discovering and revealing emotion/thought. No prior experience is necessary. Interested students should complete one of these applications: 

course meeting TTh 9:30-11:50 am, Connie Crawford, TAPS 0030, S01, CRN 25564 Application;

course meeting TTh 3-5:20 p, Claire Koenig, TAPS 0030, S02, CRN 25565 Application.  


TAPS 0230 - Acting

Students interested in TAPS 0230 (TA 23) meeting MW 1-3:50 pm with Connie Crawford should complete this form:

TAPS 0230 "Acting" Application for Spring 2022.

The course will focus on elements of dramatic analysis and interpretation as applied to the art of acting, and, by extension, directing. Monologues, scene study, and improvisation are basis for comment on individual problems. Reading of dramatic texts and theory. Substantial scene rehearsal commitment necessary. Attendance mandatory. Not open to first-year students. Enrollment limited to 20. Instructor permission required. No permission will be given during pre-registration. S/NC

Interested students must ATTEND THE CLASS DURING SHOPPING PERIOD. If you need to shop another class during this time slot, you may. Be sure to check in for every class with the instructor so your attendance will be noted. If you miss a class completely, you will not be able to join this class this semester. We are building an ensemble of students dedicated to working together. Commitment is essential to this work.


Ballet Courses

TAPS 1341 – Introduction to Ballet (Level 1)
TAPS 1342 – Advanced Beginning Ballet (Level 2)
TAPS 1343 – Intermediate Ballet (Level 3)
TAPS 1344 – Advanced Ballet with Repertory (Level 4)

Instructor: Patricia Seto-Weiss. This series of courses explores ballet through a practical study of technique and a critical examination of the art form. Whether you are a dancer, actor, athlete, musician, or a concentrator in a different field, you are welcome to join. TAPS 1341 (Introduction to Ballet) is designed for students with no prior experience, but can also be taken by dancers who wish to review ballet fundamentals. Subsequent courses in the sequence maybe taken upon successful completion of the previous level, or with equivalent prior dance experience. Students who wish to place into a higher level may request an instructor override code in Courses at Brown.
For further information, please contact [email protected]


TAPS 1500N: Advanced Playwriting--Experiments in Time

TAPS 1500N Fall 2021 will be taught by Interim Head of Playwriting Lisa D'Amour. Students interested in the course should complete this Request to be admitted to TAPS 1500N application. Professor D'Amour will get back to you with a course override if you are accepted to the class.


Dance Course Descriptions

Since the description of courses in Banner are limited, the TAPS dance instructors are providing more thorough descriptions for several of the dance courses to assist you with your decisions.

Dance Course Descriptions