All inquiries about admissions, including the application process and financial aid, should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  For more information, see our FAQ page and our Undergraduate Handbook.

Auditions and portfolio reviews are neither required nor reviewed for students interested in TAPS.  Any materials sent directly to the department will be returned unread and we will not forward materials to the Admissions Office on your behalf.  

Currenty we are not offering in-person tours of TAPS facilities during the Fall 2021 semester, although we hope that will change soon. We will be bringing in a student worker to handle in-person and virtual tours of the department soon who can answer questions from the student perspective. Prospective students are welcome to get on the list for an appointment by emailing [email protected]. We will post the information here once we have a student worker in place to conduct tours.

In Deo Speramus