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You don't have to be a concentrator to direct a show or a piece of live art. The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies not only offers a chance for a TAPS concentrator to direct a mainstage show every year, but we also offer faculty support to all of our students who seek mentorship when directing on any and all of their projects.

Don't forget that there are student directing opportunities all over Brown's campus. Take a look through the list of student performance groups, many of whom offer a myriad of directing opportunities throughout the year. 

A stellar opportunity for TAPS concentrators is directing for the Senior Slot. Every Spring, a junior concentrator is selected to direct a funded and staffed production in their senior year, as part of the Sock & Buskin mainstage season. If you are interested in directing and concentrating, consider the Theatre Arts concentration track. For a more in-depth description of the concentration and the Senior Slot opportunity consult the Undergraduate Handbook.