The Graduate Colloquium Series

2016-2017 Graduate Colloquium Schedule

N.B. This schedule is subject to change and additions. Please check back frequently.

Fri, September 2 at 6pm at  50 John Street Studio Salon with PhDs, MFAs and graduate faculty.
Reading: TBA.
Fri, September 9 at noon in Becker Library / Lyman 212 (TBD)
Mel Chen (UC Berkeley).
Graduate Colloquium Talk.

Fri, October 7 at noon / 4pm (TBD) in Becker Library Soyica Colbert.
Graduate Colloquium Talk.
Fri, October 17 at noon in Becker Library PhD professionalization workshop.
Fri, November 18 at noon in Becker Library
POSTPONED PhD professionalization workshop.
Mon, March 6 at noon in Lyman 211

Amy Holzapfel, Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre at Williams College.

Thu, March 16, time TBD

Naomi Bragin, assistant professor in the school of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at University of Washington Bothell.

Fri, April 24 at noon in Becker Library

Anusha Kedhar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Dance, Colorado College

Graduate Colloquium Archive


Fri, September 4 at 6pm at  50 John Street Studio Graduate Student Salon and dinner. Reading: Bernstein and Ono.
Fri, September 18 at noon in Becker Library
Library orientation for theatre and performance studies. Lunch provided.
Fri, September 25 at noon in Becker Library Professionalization session. Opening discussion about conferences in the field, publication, trajectory to the job market, etc. Lunch provided.
Fri, October 2 at noon in Granoff Studio 1 Michal Kobialka talk Of Memory and History: Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Minima Moralia. Part of the Kantor Centenary at Brown. Please bring your lunch. Snacks provided. 
Fri, October 2 at 5:30pm in Lyman 211
Michal Kobialka talk entitled Materialism of  the  Encounter
October 8-10 Conference "The Terms of Media," organized by field faculty member Chun. Schneider to present. Details TBA. (Recommended not required)
Fri, October 30 at 4pm in Lyman 211
Nick Salvato, Cornell University, talk entitled Performing Digital Digressiveness
December 4-5 Conference "Political Concepts," organized by field faculty Bewes, with Honig, Adir. Schneider to present. Details TBA. (Recommended)
Feb. 12 at noon, Becker Library Patrick McKelvey, PhD, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. Please bring your own lunch
Feb. 24 at noon, Becker Library

Sean Metzger, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and, Television. Talk entitled,  Human Traffic, Seascapes, and Theatricality

Feb. 26 at noon, Becker Library Jasmine Johnson, Brandeis University, in conjunction with residency of Urban Bush Women will give a talk entitled Body as Passport: Flight and Borders
March 10 at 5pm, Lyman 211
Amelia Jones, ROSKI School of Art and Design, will give a talk entitled Intimate Relations:  What Makes Performance Queer? What Makes Queer Performative?
Thu, March 17 at noon, Becker Library Soyoung Yoon, The New School
March 19-21 Recruitment weekend for new graduate student admits. Please be in town.
March 20, at 5pm, Becker Library
Key Text session led by Patricia Ybarra. Texts to be circulated in advance
Wed, March 23 at 5pm, Lyman 211 Talk by Allana Thain, McGill University, will give a talk entitled Fabulation and Futurity in the Anarchive.
April 8 at noon, Becker Library Colleen Daniher, Presidential Diversity Post-Doctoral Fellow, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies 
April 22 at noon, Becker Library Eleanor Skimin, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
April 29 at noon, Becker Library Uri McMillan, UCLA, Department of English
May 6 at noon, Lyman 211
MA Presentations: Charlson, Huang, Kim, Santucci. Please bring your lunch.