Yermedea PosterYermedea PosterYermedea

Written by Erik Ehn
Directed by Kym Moore 
Leeds Theatre
September 20-23 & September 27-30
Thursday-Saturday @ 8pm
Sundays @ 2pm 

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Yermedea RAW is a hybrid puppet and theatre performance braiding the tragic experiences of Euripides’ Medea and Lorca’s Yerma into a single narrative. Loosely based on the two literary figures, one of whom can’t have children and the other of whom is driven to kill her own, the Nurse is guided by a mysterious Bus Driver in what appears to be a waking dream. Save for the fact that this “dream” is real.

Image from Yermedea by Erik EhnImage from Yermedea by Erik EhnSet in Central America, the play draws inspiration from the horrors of the civil war in El Salvador that left the country and its indigenous population in ruins after a brutal decade-long struggle between the military- led government, backed by the United States, and the FMLN, a coalition of left-wing guerilla groups. Centuries of exploitation have depleted the region of its richest resources, including the mental, spiritual, and psychological life of the community, toward the profit of others.

Yermedea RAW explores the disturbing social and psychological effect on life lived in the midst of genocide, incorporating the ephemeral materials of theater---sound, lights, space, time, movement, gesture, and image---to convey that which cannot be expressed otherwise. Erik Ehn, the playwright and a professor at Brown University, explains that, “We believe the people have a strong, strong voice, but people aren't listening; we don't want to speak for them, we want to stand with them.”

Director Kym Moore & acclaimed Spanish puppet theatre artist Alejandra Prieto join forces to bring Erik Ehn's Yermedea to life in RAW form. With an ensemble of Brown University students & alumni working with puppets crafted by Prieto, this show will Explore, Explode, & EXPOSE our genocides. The play is one of 17 plays, written by Ehn as part of his play-cycle Soulographie: Our Genocides, debuting at La Mama Experimental Theatre in New York this fall. The play will be performed at Brown University, 95 Empire in Providence, and the Factory Theater in Boston before arriving at La MaMa in November. 

Yermedea by Erik Ehn (photo credit: Mark Turek)Yermedea by Erik Ehn (photo credit: Mark Turek)