MPP PhD Students in Oancea Lab Publish Key Methods

MPP PhD student Donald Koroma published a methods chapter in "Ion and Molecule Transport in Lysosomes" (2020, edited by Gasnier and Zhu) describing a novel shRNA screen he developed to identify ion channels, transporters and receptors that regulate the intracellular organelles responsible for producing the pigment melanin. 

One of his figures was also published on the cover of the book.  Using this screen, Donald has already identified interesting candidates that he has been characterizing.  This paper was published in the "Methods in Signal Transduction" series.  Salwa Hafez, also a MPP PhD student, is a co-author on the paper:  Koroma, Hafez and Oancea, "A transcriptomic analysis and shRNA screen for intracellular ion channels and transporters regulating pigmentation" in "Ion and Molecule Transport in Lysosomes" (in press, April 2020).