MPP PhD student's article makes Scientific Report's Top 100

MPP PhD student Botai Xuan's paper published in Scientific Reports was selected as one of their Top 100 in Cell and Molecular Biology. The journal maintains Almetrics (based on online activity) on publications, and the website states that this article is in the 97th percentile (ranked 6,986th) of the 275,473 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals and the 96th percentile (ranked 2nd) of the 54 tracked articles of a similar age in Scientific Reports.

Botai's paper is worthy of this attention because it is the first study to characterize the physical properties of a rare population of highly invasive and chemoresistant cancer cells. Polyploidal giant cancer cells contribute to treatment resistance and tumor recurrence after dormancy, so Botai's research could have a significant impact on the field.

Top 100 in Cell and Molecular Biology

Dysregulation in Actin Cytoskeletal Organization Drives Increased Stiffness and Migratory Persistence in Polyploidal Giant Cancer Cells