Nadia Goldberg

Class of 2021

At Brown, Nadia Golberg found a supportive community of collaboration where she can explore a wide range of academic disciplines.

Nadia Goldberg is concentrating in biochemistry at Brown, but that’s just the beginning of her many interests and activities.

Brown offers about 2,000 courses each year in more than 40 academic departments, giving students the freedom to explore a wide range of academic areas. Thanks to the Open Curriculum, she’s taken courses on topics ranging from conflict in the Middle East to Latin American culture to love.

“I chose Brown because I came from a pretty competitive high school, and I loved that Brown was a community of collaboration,” Nadia says. “But I also chose Brown because of the academic freedom. I knew I wanted to study science, but I didn't want that to get in the way of exploring my other interests.”

And when it comes pursuing other interests, and meeting new people, Nadia started getting involved early...and often.

“I counted about 50 clubs I wanted to be a part of after wandering around the activities fair that first semester of my freshman year,” she says. “There are so many fascinating people at this school. I know it would be impossible to meet them all, but through joining activities, I'm able to expand my circle and get to know such smart and passionate people.”

Nadia is an information session leader and science tour guide for the Office of Admission. She’s also involved in the Undergraduate Council of Students, the Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program and the Kappa Delta Sorority…and there’s more.

“I truly enjoy being adventurous and taking part in new experiences,” she says. “Every activity I'm a part of here has taught me something new. I know I can't take advantage of absolutely everything this school has to offer, but being a part of all these activities allows me to feel like I’m a part of something bigger than just my studies.”

In addition to her extracurricular activities, community service has also been an important part of Nadia’s life at Brown. She volunteers at the Hasbro Children's Hospital emergency room, the HOPE outreach club and the Swearer Tutoring Enrichment for Math and Science (STEMS) program. With HOPE, Nadia helped provide food and resources to people in Providence experiencing homelessness. Through STEMS, she tutors local high schoolers in math classrooms where 92 percent of students come from historically underrepresented backgrounds and 80 percent are considered economically disadvantaged.

“I’ve learned so much about the community I’m living in,” Nadia says. “I think it's essential for every Brown student to get involved in some way or another with the Providence community.”

Her passion for new experiences shows no sign of stopping. What’s next on her list? Research in the biochemistry lab this summer.

“I’ve been meeting with a few different professors regarding their labs, and I'm really excited to get started,” she says. “And I’m also planning to study abroad during spring of my junior year in either Chile or Spain.”