Undergraduate Programs

Brown Employee Special Student Program

This program is for Brown employees who wish to take work-related courses from the Brown curriculum and have the tuition paid by the University. Prior approval is needed from the Benefits Office’s Employee Education Program (EEP) and from the employee’s supervisor.

Brown employees who wish to take a non-work-related course, which is not paid for by the Employee Education Program, should refer to guidelines for the standard Special Student program.

Brown Employee Application Procedure:

  1. For the School of Professional Studies, fill out the online Brown Employee Special Student Application one month before the start of the semester.
  2. For the Benefits Office, complete and submit an EEP Application for course approval. Attach the course description and one copy of the EEP application.

Please note that permission to continue to enroll as an Employee Special Student is conditional upon maintaining an acceptable academic record. If you have any questions about this, please contact the School of Professional Studies.

What is covered:

  1. The Employee Education Program (EEP) will cover the tuition charge if employees pass the course or the partial tuition charge if they drop before mid-semester.
  2. The EEP will not cover the auditing fee; employees are responsible for the auditing fee.

Dropping a Course:

Employee Special Students will be personally responsible for paying the Special Student penalty fee if:

  • They drop a course after mid-semester (please contact Human Resources Training for the exact date) or
  • They do not successfully complete a course.
  • If employees decide to drop a course at any time, but especially if they decide to do it early in the semester, it is essential that they inform in writing:
    • Their supervisor
    • The HR Benefits EEP Office
    • The University Registrar
    • The School of Professional Studies