About Visual Art at Brown

In addition to VISA0100, Visual Art (VA) Concentrators are required to complete seven studio classes, and three History of Art and Architecture (HIAA) classes. Many of our students earn credit for studio courses through the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). VA Concentrators also earn credit for classes in other departments at Brown and approved study abroad programs. During the last semester of their senior year, Concentrators are required to have an exhibition of recent work in one of three student gallery spaces in the List Art Building. Leading up to this point, Concentrators are encouraged to develop a focus—whether that be a particular medium, subject matter, or artistic attitude—so that these exhibitions are conceptually and aesthetically well-developed.

Junior VA Concentrators may apply to be in the Honors Program. These Concentrators enroll in the Honors Seminar in the fall, work independently with an Honors Advisor in the spring, and present a final qualifying exhibition, thesis paper, and presentation of artwork to all VA faculty just prior to graduation. Students can cross-register for courses at RISD to supplement their education with specialized disciplines not offered at Brown. We participate in exchanges with RISD, and hire RISD graduate students as Teaching Assistants for some of our upper level classes. These efforts continually bolster our connection with RISD.

The Department of Visual Art presents students with many opportunities to meet professional artists. Our Visiting Artist Program brings nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to campus to give lectures and critiques. We also have a strong relationship with the Brown Arts Institute (BAI), which supports the goals of each creative art department and program on campus and articulates a common vision for the arts that transcend discipline and encourages collaboration. Made up of faculty from all artistic disciplines at Brown, the Brown Arts Initiative serves as a support system for innovation and provides regular channels for communication among all members of the community.

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