Visiting Artists

The Visual Art Department presents students with many opportunities to meet professional artists and expand the breadth of their learning across disciplines. Our Visiting Artist program brings nationally- and internationally-acclaimed artists to campus to give lectures and critiques.  This program allows students to have direct interaction with a wide variety of artists in the form of lectures, workshops, critiques, and the occasional Artist-in-Residence.

In addition to printed flyers that are posted prominently throughout the building, students learn about lectures via calendar link on our website, through announcements made in class as well as through the Department's listserve and Facebook postings. The abbreviated list of Visiting Artists for the coming academic year is listed below. All talks are free and open to the public.

Polly Apfelbaum (watch the lecture here)
Tania Bruguera
Sam Gilliam

Michelle Grabner (watch the lecture here)
Ruth Fine
Imo Nse Imeh
Abelardo Morell  (watch the lecture here)
Catherine Opie
RaMell Ross
Duane Slick

Selected Visiting Artist Archives

Ghada Amer (watch the lecture here)
Olive Ayhens
Neil Goldberg
Paul C. Ha (watch the lecture here)
Jane Hammond (watch the lecture here)

Mary Beth Heffernan (watch the lecture here)
Yvonne Love
Eva Lundsager
Mendi + Keith Obadike (watch the lecture here)
Edward Shanken

Lorna Simpson (watch the lecture here)
Lee Walton
Saya Woolfalk

Margery Amdur
James Barron

Coco Fusco
Nina Katchadourian
Jennifer McGregor
Sheila Pepe
Yasmil Raymond
Donna Sharrett
Gedi Sibony
Kevin Zucker

Dawn Clements
Valery Estabrook
Paul Ramirez Jonas
Ernst Karel
Sarah Morris
Rob Reynolds
Taney Roniger
Taryn Simon
Laetitia Sonami
Russell Steinert
Kerry Tribe 

Leslie Atik
Leona Christie
Jonathan Goodman
Anitra Haendel
Christina Hunger
Arnold Kemp
Miwa Matreyek
Katherine Newbegin
Stephen Vitiello
Faith Wilding

Cai Guo Chang
Elizabeth King
Julie Mehretu

Olive Ayhens
Luke Dubois
Robert Storr
Kerry Tribe

Melissa Miller
Marisa Olson

David Cole
Mala Iqbal

Loren Holland
Ken Johnson
Caroline Stiefel-Lathan
Nancy Macko
Jill Moser