Concentration Requirements

Undergraduate Program

The Visual Art concentration at Brown University is directed towards the practice of art. In addition to studio courses, courses in Art History and a Visiting Artist Lecture series help to find artistic direction and hone skills in critical thinking.

Students must file their concentration declaration by the end of their 5th semester. This is done on-line via Brown's advising website, ASK. Once a student's concentration is declared, they are paired with a regular VA faculty member who will be their Concentration Advisor. 

Tips for the VA Concentrator

These four courses are building blocks. Taking them early is beneficial: Studio Foundation (VISA0100 or VISA0110), Media Foundation (VISA0120), Drawing (VISA1110) and History of Art Survey (HIAA0010). VISA0100/VISA0110 is required before taking courses at RISD.

Concentration Requirements Checklist

VISA0100 or VISA0110 Studio Foundation or Advanced Studio Foundation is a required prerequisite for all studio courses in the Department and for RISD courses.
Foundation Media: Sound and Image
HIAA0010 Introduction to the History of Art and Architecture
*HIAA0880 or *HIAA0890

*Contemporary Art I or Contemporary Art II 


*Note HIAA0880 or HIAA0890 are not being offered. Until they are offered again these courses can subsitute:

HIAA0010 - Global HIAA, HIAA0801 - Art after 1986, HIAA0870 - 20th C British Art, HIAA0810 - 20th C British Sculpture

Please consult your VA Concentration Advisor with questions.

VISA1110 or VISA1120 Drawing I or Drawing II
5 Additional Studio Courses (8 studios all together) A minimum of four studio courses must be taken in the Visual Art Department at Brown. Drawing and Foundation Media count toward the studio requirement, bringing the required number of studio courses for a VA Concentration to eight.
1 Upper Level
 HIAA course
Senior Thesis Exhibition/Capstone Experience Non-credit bearing requirement usually presented during the 7th or 8th semester

11 Total Courses Required for VA Concentration