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STEM Summer Lecture Series
The Office of College Admission is pleased to announce a series of STEM lectures meant to supplement a campus visit to Brown. This summer, we are highlighting the Applied Math, Computer Science, and Earth, Environmental and Planetary Science Departments at Brown.  Learn more.

Reel Features at Brown University
Reel Features is a student run production group that makes videos of fellow student groups, departments, and athletic teams. They exist to showcase the incredible talent at Brown through short, engaging and informative videos. Check them out here.

SAT Policy for Fall 2017
The current version of the ​SAT will be discontinued in March, 2016, and replaced by the new SAT with an optional writing section. Students applying​ to Brown's ​Class of 2021 and​ beyond are NOT required ​to take the optional writing section on the new​ SAT. Brown will still require applicants submitting the SAT to also provide results from two Subject Tests of the applicant’s choice. Brown currently ​accepts the ACT with Writing in lieu of the SAT and Subject Tests. First-y​ear applicants to the Class of 2021 and​ beyond are​ strongly encouraged, but NOT​ required, to include the ACT Writing Section.


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