Admission Staff

Admission Officers, 2016-2017

If you have a question that our website doesn't answer, the fastest way to get an answer is through our frequently asked questions portal. If your question is still unanswered please email us through this link, we monitor the email accounts regularly. The admission officers spend much of their time traveling and reading applications which may delay your response time.

To find out if an admission officer is visiting your area you may visit Brown Near You. As a reminder, all interviews are conducted by alumni. After you submit your application, you will be contacted directly by an alum.

Please do not send application updates directly to your admission officer. If you have an application update please upload it through your Application Summary page once you have applied.

Your admission officer is assigned based on the location of your high school, which may be different than your home address.

Alabama Tori Guen
Alaska Tiffiney George
Arizona Tiffiney George
Arkansas Tori Guen

San Francisco, East Bay, Marin County, Santa Rosa, and North Coast: Michael Cameron
San Mateo County, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, and Monterey: Dayna Niwa Krakower
Central & East Los Angeles : Mercedes Domenech
Central Valley, Central Coast, and San Fernando Valley: Heather Vermillion
Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Pomona, and Long Beach: Tori Guen
Orange County, San Bernadino, and Riverside: Tiffiney George
San Diego: Erik DeAngelis

Colorado Emily Cox

Eastern Connecticut, New Haven, and Hartford: Tori Guen
Fairfield County and Litchfield County: Ryan Creps

Delaware Lani Willmar
District of Columbia Dayna Niwa Krakower
Florida Panhandle, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Gulf Coast: Matthew Price
Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach: Erik DeAngelis
Miami: Mercedes Domenech
Georgia Matthew Price
Hawaii Dayna Niwa Krakower 
Idaho Emily Cox
Illinois Chicago, Northern and Central Illinois: Ryan Creps
Southern Illinois: Lani Willmar

Emily Cox

Iowa Ryan Creps
Kansas Lani Willmar
Kentucky Lani Willmar
Louisiana Tori Guen
Maine Erik DeAngelis

Baltimore, Northern Maryland and Eastern Shore: Lani Willmar
Suburbs Washington DC: Dayna Niwa Krakower


Boston, Boston South Suburbs, South Shore, and I-95 Corridor: Ana Saul-Sykes
Southern Coast, Cape Cod, and the Islands: Connie Livingston
Worcester, Springfield, and The Berkshires: Erik DeAngelis
Boston North and West Suburbs, Metro West, Lowell, Lawrence, and North Shore: Peter Newcomb

Michigan Lauren Galvan
Minnesota Tiffiney George
Mississippi Tori Guen
Missouri Lani Willmar
Montana Tiffiney George
Nebraska Lani Willmar
Nevada Heather Vermillion
New Hampshire

Erik DeAngelis 

New Jersey

Northern and Central New Jersey (Bergen, Newark, Morristown, New Brunswick areas): Heather Vermillion
Mercer County, Monmouth County, Southern New Jersey, and the Jersey Shore: Lani Willmar 

New Mexico Tiffiney George
New York

Manhattan: Annie Cappuccino 
Brooklyn, and The Bronx: TBD
Queens, Staten Island, and Rockland County: Leora Johnson
Westchester County: Peter Newcomb  
Long Island: Lauren Galvan
Capital Region (Albany), Hudson River Valley, Poughkeepsie, Central NY (Syracuse, Binghamton, and Utica), and the Adirondacks: Connie Livingston
Buffalo, Rochester, and Finger Lakes Region: Ryan Creps

North Carolina Emily Cox
North Dakota Tiffiney George
Ohio Emily Cox
Oklahoma Tiffiney George
Oregon Emily Cox
Pennsylvania Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania: Michael Cameron
Pittsburgh, Central and Western Pennsylvania: Julia Bengochea
Puerto Rico Ana Saul-Sykes
Rhode Island Ana Saul-Sykes
South Carolina Emily Cox
South Dakota Tiffiney George
Tennessee Lani Willmar

Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston: Lauren Galvan
Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Midland, and the Rio Grande Valley: Mercedes Domenech

U.S. Virgin Islands Ana Saul-Sykes
Utah Tiffiney George
Vermont Erik DeAngelis
Virginia Matthew Price
Washington Seattle and Western Washington: Peter Newcomb
Eastern Washington: Tiffiney George
West Virginia Lani Willmar
Wisconsin Ryan Creps
Wyoming Emily Cox


International Country Admission Officer
Africa   Panetha Ott
Asia Afghanistan Annie Cappuccino
  Bangladesh Annie Cappuccino
  Bhutan Annie Cappuccino
  Cambodia James Kytta
Central Asia James Kytta 
  Hong Kong Annie Cappuccino
  India Panetha Ott
  Indonesia Annie Cappuccino
  Japan TBD
  Korea James Kytta
  Laos James Kytta
  Macao Annie Cappuccino
  Malaysia James Kytta
  Myanmar James Kytta
  Nepal Annie Cappuccino
  Pakistan Annie Cappuccino

People's Republic of China (Northern)
People's Republic of China (Southern)

Panetha Ott
James Kytta

Philippines James Kytta
Russia James Kytta
  Singapore Annie Cappuccino
  Sri Lanka Panetha Ott
  Taiwan Annie Cappuccino
  Thailand Annie Cappuccino
  Vietnam James Kytta
Australia & Oceania James Kytta
Europe Austria James Kytta
  Belgium James Kytta
Bulgaria Annie Cappuccino
  Cyprus Panetha Ott
  Eastern Europe James Kytta
  France TBD
  Germany James Kytta
  Greece TBD
  Ireland TBD
  Italy Panetha Ott
  Liechtenstein James Kytta
  Luxembourg James Kytta
  Monaco TBD
  Netherlands James Kytta
Scandanavia James Kytta
  Poland James Kytta
  Portugal TBD
  Scotland TBD
  Spain TBD
  Switzerland James Kytta
  Turkey Panetha Ott
  United Kingdom TBD
  Wales TBD
  Western Balkans Annie Cappuccino
North America Canada

Annie Cappuccino

Caribbean Ana Saul-Sykes
Central America Ana Saul-Sykes
Mexico Ana Saul-Sykes
Middle East
South America
  James Kytta
Panetha Ott