Visiting Student Program

Pre-Baccalaureate Visiting Students

Each year a limited number of students enrolled at other colleges are permitted to spend one or two semesters at Brown pursuing areas of study not otherwise available to them. These visiting students, therefore, are not degree candidates at Brown University; rather, the courses taken at Brown will be applied toward credit at their home institutions.

In the selection of visiting students, in addition to traditional admission criteria, we are particularly interested in the candidate’s motivation for seeking visiting student status. The applicant should have a strong record in all college work to date and must be able to present a specific academic reason for wanting to study at Brown. Prospective visiting students should be familiar with the offerings of the University and must indicate on their applications the specific courses of study in which they would like to enroll.

Your decision to apply to Brown as a visiting student should be made only after you have thoroughly examined your academic and personal needs and Brown’s ability to meet them. You should also keep the following facts in mind:

  • The estimated cost of attendance for each semester at Brown (for academic year 2017-18 is $35,525. This includes tuition, room and meal plan, as well as other costs such as books, supplies and personal expenses.
  • There is no financial assistance available from the University for visiting students.
  • Visiting students are expected to live in on-campus housing.
  • Some courses, particularly those requiring permission of the instructor, may not be open to visiting students.

Admission as a visiting student is valid for a maximum of two semesters. Visiting students may not apply to transfer into the college. This program is not intended to lead toward degree candidacy at Brown.

Visting student application process

Pre-Baccalaureate Special Students

Occasionally, Brown admits a small number of “special” students who enter Brown with part-time, non-matriculated status; that is, they are not degree candidates at the University. This program is designed for an individual who has not completed a bachelor’s degree, is not a degree candidate at another institution and has a unique reason to attend Brown. Such an individual may take from one to five courses per semester, dependent upon the individual’s need and University approval.

Brown is neither equipped nor designed to support a large number of part-time or “special” students, and no particular support services or advising are provided. Therefore, you should first thoroughly examine your academic and personal needs and Brown’s ability to meet them. You should also consider other colleges and universities, many of which, unlike Brown, have complete programs for part-time, non-degree undergraduates. Feel free to contact the Office of College Admission to discuss if this program is appropriate to meet your needs.

While making your decision about applying to Brown as a special student, you should keep the following facts in mind:

  • Tuition for each semester course at Brown (for spring 2018) is $6,529.
  • Neither financial assistance nor on-campus housing is available from the University for special students.
  • Some courses, particularly those requiring permission of the instructor, may not be open to special students.

Admission as a special student is an enrollment commitment for one semester only. Special students who wish to apply for full-time enrollment at Brown must go through the regular procedures as described on the Brown undergraduate admission website. No special consideration is given to applicants for regular admission who also were special students at Brown, as the competition for places at Brown as degree candidate is significantly greater.

Special Student Application Process

Applicants with an Undergraduate Degree

Applicants who have already graduated from a four-year college should contact the School of Professional Studies:

School of Professional Studies
200 Dyer Street, Box T
Providence, RI 02912
Telephone: 401-863-7900