Science at Brown

Exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) at Brown

As a national science research university with an international reputation, Brown provides a unique curricular structure that encourages our undergraduate scholars to explore an ever dynamic world. Our unusually integrated campus environment furthers interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities that provide students with the skills and knowledge to succeed and to drive change in the future.

As a leader in research and innovation, Brown provides invaluable resources that enable faculty and students to leap forward in their fields. Our Science Center is a state-of-the-art facility that supports learning through curricular innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Research is also a vital part of the undergraduate experience: in the last four years, nearly 2,000 students have taken part in the Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) program.  In addition, Brown consistently ranks in the top five Fulbright Fellowship-producing research institutions nationally.

Brown students are life-long learners and leaders; we invite you to join us on the exciting educational journey you will take as a member of the Brown community, and we encourage you to explore Brown's academic programs through the links provided at right. For the most part, you will find our undergraduate STEM concentrations supported by departments, programs, centers loosely affiliated as Physical Sciences, or Life & Medical Sciences.  But, do not be surprised if the science topic that catches your eye has multiple connections in Humanities or Social Sciences; interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary work has been  fundamental to Brown academic culture for decades.

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