Class Visit

Each academic year, Brown University offers the opportunity for prospective students to visit a class during their campus visit. The Office of College Admission works with faculty and staff across the academic departments to ensure that students interested in attending Brown can observe the Open Curriculum in action.

Please see the list of courses prospective students are permitted to observe during Fall 2019. Please note that visitors are not permitted to visit courses which are not listed on the approved class list. ​Parents are kindly asked not to attend classes with their child(ren).

Because Brown University faculty kindly allow guests the privilege of observing their classes, we ask that prospective students follow these guidelines when they visit a class:

  1. Please arrive to the class ten minutes early to inform the professor that you will be observing the course. If, however, the class is a large lecture, it is not necessary to introduce yourself.
  2. Please stay for the entire duration of the class​. If, however, there is a break during class, you may kindly excuse yourself if you need to leave.
  3. Please turn off and put away all cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices for the entire duration of the class.
  4. Unless you are explicitly offered permission by the professor to participate in the class, please refrain from participating in order to allow the flow of the class to continue as usual.
  5. Lastly, please review the “Notes” column on the document below before you attend a class. This section details instructions you need to take before visiting certain courses as well as dates that you are not permitted to visit certain courses.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your campus visit!