David Winton Bell Gallery

Collection Highlights drawings

John La Farge
Study for Staircase Window, Maddock Alumni Center
Farley Aguilar
The Huddle
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Get Well Card to Emmy Frisch
Leandro Bassano (Leandro del Ponte)
Man with a Shovel
Robert Cottingham
Kirsten Hassenfeld
Blueware Drawing Number One
Diego Rivera
Study for the south wall automotive panel of the Detroit Industry fresco cycle in The Detroit Institute of the Arts
Terry Winters
Dark Plants, 13
Auguste Renoir
Standing Woman with Basket
Pier Francesco Mola
The Return of Tobias with Archangel Raphael to Heal Tobit's Blindness
Jules Olitski
Ancient Sea
Jacques Callot
Roman Officer
Henri Matisse
Portrait of an Young Studio Assistant
Tim Rollins and K.O.S.
Study for Amerika