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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Shulie" Screening and Artist Talk with Elisabeth Subrin |


Join us for a screening of Elisabeth Subrin’s 1997 film, Shulie, followed by a conversation with the filmmaker and Kate Kraczon, Curator of the David Winton Bell Gallery, on Subrin's current project, Maria Schneider, 1983, an experimental cinematic recreation of a 1983 television interview with the late French actress Maria Schneider (1952-2011). 

Staging an extended act of homage – as well as a playful, provocative confounding of filmic propriety – Subrin's 1997 film resurrects a little-known 1967 documentary portrait of young Chicago art student Shulamith Firestone, who several years later would become a notable figure in Second Wave feminism and author of the radical 1970 manifesto The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. Reflecting on her life and times, Shulie functions as a prism for refracting questions of gender, race and class that continue to resonate.

Elisabeth Subrin is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, visual artist and associate professor of film and media arts at Temple University. Her critically acclaimed feature narrative A Woman, A Part was released theatrically in 2017. Her critically acclaimed short films and installations have screened and exhibited widely in film festivals, museums and galleries. A 2020 Fulbright Fellow, she’s currently working on a film and book project about the late French actress Maria Schneider, in light of the global #metoo movement. 

Presented in conjunction with REMAKING the real, a program of the Brown Arts Initiative.