David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

The Golden Age of Illustration: Books & Posters
January 1, 1976
The Goldberger Exhibition: James Carpenter, Italo Scanga, Duff Schweringer, Willoughby Sharp, Miles Varner
March 7, 1975 - April 4, 1975

Curated by Richard Fleischner

January 30, 1975 - February 23, 1975

Curated by Mary Crawford Volk, Roxanne Landers Althouse, Diane Carole Bliss, Karen Towart Campbell, Gregory A. Dunn, John Kresten Jesperson, Kathleen Ann Roy, Susan Danly Walther, and Simone Alaida Zurawski

Oriental Rugs from the Collections of Members of the Oriental Rug Society of New England
January 1, 1975
Photovision '75, New England Photographers
January 1, 1975
French Drawings and Watercolors
January 1, 1975
John Willenbecher
January 1, 1975
Friends of Wen Cheng Ming: A View from the Crawford Collection
January 1, 1975
Robert Smithson: Drawings
January 1, 1975
An Exhibition of Works by Nine Faculty Members, 1974
November 23, 1974 - December 12, 1974

Includes the work of Robert Bero, Marvin Brown, Walter Feldman, Richard Fishman, Mags Harries, Joel Janowitz, Edward Koren, Flora Natapoff, and Hugh Townley.

Quilt Raising
January 1, 1974
Europe in Torment, 1450-1550
January 1, 1974