David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

Robert Smithson: Drawings
January 1, 1975
An Exhibition of Works by Nine Faculty Members, 1974
November 23, 1974 - December 12, 1974

Includes the work of Robert Bero, Marvin Brown, Walter Feldman, Richard Fishman, Mags Harries, Joel Janowitz, Edward Koren, Flora Natapoff, and Hugh Townley.

Quilt Raising
January 1, 1974
Europe in Torment, 1450-1550
January 1, 1974
Henry Moore: Prints from the Collection of Gilles A. Abrious
January 1, 1974
Drawings for Krazy Kat Cartoons
January 1, 1974
Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper
January 1, 1974
Drawings and Prints of the First Maniera, 1515-1535
February 22, 1973 - March 25, 1973

Curated by Catherine W. Zerner, Janetta R. Benton, Richard Campbell, George L. Gorse, John V. Quarrier, Michael Slavin, Susan E. Strauber, Christine I. Schwartz, Claire F. Tyler, and Anne Wagner

Images and Words
January 1, 1973

Poems by I.J. Kapstein and prints by his daughter Judith K. Brodsky.

American Paintings in the Collection of the Rhode Island Historical Society
January 1, 1973
Hugh Townley
November 18, 1972 - December 17, 1972
The Art Department Collects: Recent Gifts and Purchases
April 22, 1972 - May 19, 1972

Curated by Nancy R. Versaci