David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

Selected Design Projects by Malcolm Grear Associates
January 1, 1972
Photovision '72
January 1, 1972
Caricature and Its Role in Graphic Satire
April 7, 1971 - May 9, 1971

Caricature and Its Role in Graphic Satire examines the development of caricature in portraits and its role as an independent genre in engravings, prints, and drawings. This comprehensive survey of graphic satire ranges from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century.

Curated by Jergen Schulz, Charlene S. Crowley, Johanna Gill, Elizabeth G. Grossman, Ruth Little, Margaret S, Smith, and Beeke Sell

Architecture 1962-1972
January 1, 1971
Jacques Callot, 1592-1635
March 5, 1970 - April 11, 1970
The Portrait Bust: Renaissance to Enlightenment
March 5, 1969 - March 30, 1969

Surveys the portrait bust in sculpture from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

Curated by Carl Goldstein, Christina Cameron, David Chase, Peter Fusco, Myra F. Harrison, Ann E. Horlacher, Walter A. Liedtke, and Alice H. Reid

Brown University Faculty Artists, 1969
January 1, 1969

Brown University Faculty Artists, 1969 includes the work of Robert Cronin, Walter Feldman, Richard Fishman, John Jagel, Edward Koren, Hugh Townley, and John Udvardy.

Herbert and Nanette Rothschild Collection
October 7, 1966 - November 6, 1966
Four Artists, Brown University, 1963
May 10, 1963 - June 10, 1963

Includes the work of Edward J. Armour, Walter Feldman, Robert S. Neuman, and Hugh Townley.