David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

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David Schurman
Cage, 2017
Natasha Boyko
Adam and Eve, before the world ends, 2017
Oil on canvas
Hang My Tran
my father is housed inside a whale, dribbling black oil pooling under the skeleton arc-when the house comes down he will make pink stays of the mouth, lips, cinching close the waist, bone lace bodices of round jaws, 2017
Foam board, sequins, dressmaker pins, glitter, condoms
Mariana Isabel Ramos Ortiz
Para todas las que han sido una de cada cinco, 2017
Bex Neuman-Hammond
Say Her Name, 2017
Coton paper, rubber-based ink
Elodie Freymann
The Elephant and the Conductor, 2017
Paper, inkjet print, cloth
Jorge Sibaja
LA Metro 733, 2017
Digital photo print
Tina Yang
Spring, 2017
Ink and graphite
Bella Carlos