David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

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Jennifer Avery
Self Portrait with Cats, 2016
Mixed Media
Sarah Cheung
Shards I, II, III, 2016
Leadz Dorce
Plaine du Nord, 2015
Oil on canvas
Elodie Freymann
At Any Cost, 2014
Cut paper
Emma Maier
Two-buck Chuck, 2015
U.S. $2 bill
Mia Rollins
Once, 2016
Wall fabric decal
Grace Sun
Self-portrait - Asian takeout girl, 2016
Moku-hanga woodblock
Victoria Yin
Of Long Ago Suns, 2016
Oil on canvas
Jane Tracy
Mom-Jeans, 2016
Sophie Schwartz
Cross Process, 2015
Handmade artist book, Van Dyke brown prints and cyanotype brown prints on verso