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Gold Jewelry: Craft, Style and Meaning from Mycenae to Constantinopolis
February 24, 1983 - April 3, 1983

Edited by Tony Hackens and Rolf Winkes. Introduction, 15 essays, and 46 catalogue entries by Marie Jeannine Aquilino, Margaret Barry,Audrey R. Gup, Boyd T. Hill, William E. Mierse, Morag Murray, Ivette M. Richard,Richard W. Sadow, Ellen S. Spencer, Sabine Cornells, Francois de Callatay,Frederique de Cuyper, Myriam Destree, Andre Dumont, Christiane Larock, Rancine Lecomte, Anne Catherine Lemaigre, Bernadette Schuiten, and Agnes Stoffel. 227 pgs, 365 ills. Please contact the Center for Old World Archeology and Art, Box 1837. 


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