David Winton Bell Gallery

Using the Collection


Using the Collection

The David Winton Bell Gallery welcomes students and scholars to view works from the permanent collection by appointment.

Appointments to view works must be made at least two weeks prior to the requested date(s). Viewings can be requested for M–F, 10am–4pm.

Please note that there are limited collection viewing areas and works are not always available.

Please consult the online collection search portal: https://www.brown.edu/campus-life/arts/bell-gallery/collection

Please include in your request:

- the Accession Number(s), Artist(s), Title(s), and Year(s) for work(s)
- multiple dates and time options for your viewing
- the length of time you would like for your viewing
- the purpose of your viewing (i.e. visual research or studying artistic techniques)

For faculty wishing to bring a class for a viewing, please include the size of your class. Please note that our collection viewing areas are best for small class sizes. Larger class sizes may need to be accommodated as multiple smaller groups.

Requests should be emailed to: [email protected] and include the subject “Collection Viewing.”