Family Weekend Forums

2015 Family Weekend Academic Forums

10 A.M. – 10:50 A.M.

Practicing the Humanities
Kevin McLaughlin, Dean of the Faculty and George Hazard Crooker Professor of English and Professor of Comparative Literature and German Studies
Amanda Anderson, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of English and Humanities and Director of the Cogut Center for the Humanities
Brown has a distinguished record of innovation in the study of human experience and the most challenging questions facing humanity. This discussion addresses the distinctive questions posed by the humanities, with special emphasis on approaches that draw on the methods and concepts of more than one discipline.
85 Waterman Street, Room 130

First But Not Alone: 1vyG and the First-Generation College Student Community
1vyG Co-founders: Jessica Brown '16, Manuel Contreras '16, Stanley Stewart '16
First-Gens@Brown Co-Presidents: Emily Doglio '17 and Viet Nguyen '17
After a historic year of visibility and community-building, first-generation college students are working together to make Brown and other college campuses better. Learn more about 1vyG: the inter-Ivy, First-Generation College Student Network, and the challenges, opportunities, and changes affecting first-generation students on Brown's campus.
Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium, 190 Thayer Street

Big Money and Politics in 2016
Wendy J. Schiller, Professor of Political Science and International & Public Affairs and Chair, Department of Political Science
This forum will feature a talk by Brown University Professor Wendy J. Schiller about her book, co-authored with Charles Stewart, entitled Electing the Senate. Examining the period prior to the 17th amendment and the direct election of Senators, Schiller will talk about the role of money, party politics, and personal ambition in choosing the upper house. She will compare that to contemporary Senate elections as well as presidential elections and discuss the difficulties of crafting institutions that are accountable to the people, and how constitutional change can fall short. After her talk Professor Schiller will answer audience questions.
Salomon Center for Teaching, Room 001, The Main Green

The Future(s) of the Euro: High Road, Low Road, or End of the Road
Mark Blyth, Eastman Professor of Political Economy, The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science
This summer's Greek crisis threw the future of Europe's young currency into doubt once again. Many doubt that its combination of austerity budgets and unpopular reforms can restart growth and save the Euro. In this talk Professor Blyth examines the different possible futures of the Euro, suggesting that the real threats to its long term existence are political rather than economic.
The Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Martinos Auditorium, 254 Angell Street 

11 A.M. - 11:50 A.M

Global Explorations of Human Trafficking: Race and Labor
Global Explorations of Human Trafficking: Race and Labor
Panelists: Elena Shih, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice Faculty Fellow; Eve Woldemikael '16, Rheem Brooks '16
Panel Chair: Anthony Bogues, Director, Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice  
This panel will introduce the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice's new Human Trafficking Research Cluster. It will feature the work of two senior thesis writers who received summer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs) to study various dimensions of human trafficking and un-free labor across the globe. Eve Woldemikael '16 (Africana Studies) will share findings from summer research in Brazil, while Rheem Brooks '16 (Development Studies) will present about women's rehabilitative labor in US prisons. Elena Shih, Assistant Professor of American Studies, and CSSJ Faculty Fellow will contextualize these projects within contemporary trends on human trafficking and the CSSJ's broader research program. Anthony Bogues, Director of CSSJ will chair the panel.
85 Waterman Street, Room 130

The Unmaking of the Miracle of Antibiotics: Antimicrobial Resistance and the Future of Medical Care

Louis B. Rice, M.D., Joukowsky Family Professor of Medicine and Chair, Department of Medicine, Warren Alpert medical School; Eleftherios Mylonakis, M.D. University Professor of Medicine and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Warren Alpert Medical School.
The introduction of public health interventions and development of antimicrobial agents have had an enormous impact on how we live our lives, but the widespread use of antibiotics has led to the emergence and spread of resistant strains, threatening to compromise many of the advances of modern medicine. As doctors and scientists, we need to use these miracle drugs more wisely and develop novel agents that will work against multi-resistant strains. As patients, we need to understand the limitations of antibiotics and the dangers of using them without a compelling reason.
Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium, 190 Thayer Street

Cells and Circuits: New Approaches to Neuropsychiatric Disease
Steven Rasmussen, Mary E. Zucker Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Chair of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
An overview of some of the exciting work in translational Brain Science at Brown that promises new avenues of treatment for depression, autism, Alzheimer's and anxiety.
Salomon Center for Teaching, Room 001, The Main Green

Design Thinking in Music: Creating New Musical Instruments at Brown
Butch Rovan, Professor and Chair, Department of Music, Co-Director MEME: Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments
In 2005, Brown University launched a new graduate program in computer music and multimedia. Since that time students at Brown have been designing, building, and performing new musical interfaces. This talk will explore how students and faculty in the program have developed award-winning musical instruments and how design thinking has transformed their creative process. The talk will be illustrated with video and live musical demonstrations.
The Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Martinos Auditorium, 254 Angell Street