2019 Film Schedule


Thursday, February 21

6:15pm At War 
9pm Knife and Heart

Friday, February 22

4:45pm A Faithful Man
6:45pm The Trouble With You 
9:15pm Wild Boys 

Saturday, February 23

1pm Earth Seen From the Heart
3:30pm Until the Birds Return
6:15pm The Freshmen
9pm The Image Book

Sunday, February 24
12pm Hochelaga, Land of Souls 
2:30pm The Competition
6:30pm Sorry Angel 
9:30pm MFKZ

Monday, February 25

6:15 Until the Birds Return
9pm A Faithful Man

Tuesday, February 26

5pm Earth Seen From the Heart
7pm The Image Book
9pm Wild Boys

Wednesday, February 27

5pm Hochelaga, Land of Souls 
7:15 The Freshmen 
9:30pm  Knife and Heart

Thursday, February 28

4:30pm The Competition
7:15pm The Trouble With You 
9:30pm MFKZ

Friday, March 1

4:30pm At War 
7pm Non-Fiction
9:30pm Sorry Angel