Spring 2022

The Schrodinger equations as inspiration of beautiful mathematics (abstract)

Keynote: Gigliola Staffilani (MIT)


Rate-induced collapse in evolutionary systems (abstract)

Constantin Arnscheidt (MIT)


Rates of homogenization for fully-coupled McKean-Vlasov SDEs via the Cauchy-Problem on Wasserstein Space (abstract)

Zachary William Bezemek (BU)


Uniform Asymptotic Stability for Convection-Reaction-Diffusion Equations in the Inviscid Limit Towards Riemann Shocks (abstract)

Paul Blochas (University of Rennes 1)


Superharmonic Instability of Stokes Waves (abstract)

Anastassiya Semenova(ICERM, Brown)


Improved bounds on entropy production in living systems (abstract)

Dominic Skinner (MIT)


Turing bifurcation in systems with conservation laws (abstract)

Aric Wheeler (Indiana University)