2019 Leadership Awards

At the end of each academic year, The Student Activities Office Awards Program recognizes the accomplishments of student leadership in the context of recognized student organizations. Student leaders, advisors, organizations, and events may be nominated.

2019 Categories & Awards:

Student Leadership
  • Student Leader of the Year Award - Awarded to the member of a student group who best demonstrates the qualities of outstanding leadership and membership, such as dependability, dedication, trustworthiness, loyalty, and helpfulness.

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Emerging Leadership 
  • Emerging Student Leader Award - Awarded to a new student leader on campus (first-year student, transfer student, or a student who has never had any prior involvement until this academic year.) This student has shown involvement, dependability, and concern for others. “The Emerging Student Leader” is someone who shows great potential for future service to the Brown University community.
  • New Student Group of the Year Award - Awarded to a new student group that was founded within the last two years. This group has demonstrated a dedication to positive engagement within the Brown community and has strived to standards of leadership, growth, and impact.

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Student Groups
  • Performance Group of the Year Award - Awarded for a student performance group that has demonstrated a mastery of their art. Nominated groups may be asked to perform at the awards ceremony.
  • Student Group of the Year Award (Non-Performance) - For a student group that has exemplified exceptional leadership, through campus programs, building community, and impactful initiatives.

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Engaging Community
  • Collaboration Award - Awarded to multiple student groups who demonstrated successful collaboration through the planning and implementation of a campus event or initiative.
  • Community Impact Award - Awarded to an individual or group that works to positively impact and inspire the local, national or international community by demonstrating a clear purpose of activism, advocacy, or raising awareness for a social, political, environmental, or economic issue.
  • Co-Curricular Award  - For a student leader or group that connects academics and co-curricular endeavors through sponsored events and initiatives. The recipient works to extend learning far beyond the reaches of the classroom experience.

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  • Event of the Year Award  - This award is given for an event that exemplifies exceptional teamwork through student leadership. The event demonstrated effective planning and implementation to bring about a successful program/event.

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  • Advisor of the Year Award -  Awarded for a staff or faculty member who has provided exceptional service and.or has made a significant impact to benefit a student group through their supportive efforts, dedication, assistance, and encouragement.

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