Alumni, Corporations, and Parents

Once all other funding opportunities have been exhausted, you may qualify to solicit funds from Alumni who were members of your student group, parents of current and former members, and select Corporations.  Your fundraising efforts must be coordinated with the Student Activities Office and the Division of Advancement in order to ensure that all contact between the University and these important constituents reflect Brown's high quality and excellence.  For more information contact Nora Marzocchi, Assistant Director - Student Programs, Brown Annual Fund. 

Fundraising from alumni and parents is restricted to January and February (application deadline is November 1), July (deadline May 1), and August (application deadline June 1). Please refer to the guidelines  and associated application for more details.

Student groups may contact corporations and foundations only with prior approval of the Office of Advancement. This does not include restaurants and other local merchants from whom in-kind gifts are sought (e.g., food for an event, a gift certificate as a raffle prize, etc.). An application must be completed. These solicitations are also guided by the general Advancement Guidelines; however, such solicitations are not restricted to specific times of the year and aspects of the guidelines specifically related to alumni or parent fundraising may not apply.

All Donations must be recorded with the University as gifts.