Forms and Contracts


Event Planning Checklist This is an event planning checklist to ensure you are on track with event registration and planning.

Budget Worksheet

A form to help determine a budget for an event.


Event Registration Request Form

Currently we are using a Google Form for all event registration requests for Spring 2023

Event Management Plan Template

Management plan is required from SAO to hold any event with 100+ anticipated guests and/or alcohol, or at the discretion of your SAO advisor.

Fire Safety Checklist

Form must be completed DURING the event and submitted AFTER the event if 50+ guests are expected. It includes planning information for your event. For questions, contact Fire Safety or visit the Fire Safety website.

Event Food Safety Form

Form must be submitted for all events where prepared foods will be distributed.

Additional planning information: 10 Steps to a Safer Kitchen/6 Consumer Control Points for Food Safety & Allergies information

City Licenses
Map to PVD City Hall

Required for events that will contain alcohol and/or projected sound. Please review the Event Registration Policy for more information.

You MUST MEET with your SAO advisor


Guest Sign-in Log

A guest sign-in to be used for tracking, specially for events with 100+ and/or alcohol.

Bus Trip Checklist

A tool for student groups/organizations looking to travel by bus.

Travel Form

Details for student groups/organizations looking to travel.

Camping Overnight on Campus

Planning information, including registration and restrictions, for groups wishing to spend on the night camping out on Brown's campus.

Dignitary Notification Form

Link to the notification form through the Office of University Event & Conference Services.

Submit your annual High Risk Activity Waiver using the

Performance & Recreation Group Form

A liability waiver form for student group activities. Students and community members should complete one each year for their participation in each group for which it is required. For more information, review the SAO Liability Policies section.


Event Support Request Form 

Use this form to help estimate costs for equipment and/or services from facilities management. Form must be finalized and submitted at least 10 business days prior. Please review the Student Event Planning Guide to begin the process.

Application for Financial Account

Application for any recognized group/organization to request a financial account with SAO.

Purchase Orders

Primarily for purchasing items/materials and internal University services. Student group/organization representatives must come into the SAO to get a PO.

General Reimbursement/Payment Request Form

Reimbursements for items that are not food or groceries. Please visit the Guide to Financial Transactions for more information.

Food Reimbursement/Payment Request Form
(Groceries, Meals & Hospitality)

Reimbursements for food and/or groceries. Please visit the Guide to Financial Transactions for more information.

Mileage Reimbursement


Mileage reimbursements are only available to students who have completed safeDRIVE. Please visit the Guide to Financial Transactions for more information.

Guest Speaker Agreement  Guest Speakers being paid $5,000 or less must fill out the guest speaker agreeement along with the payment form. 

Honorarium Payment Form

Honorarium payment form for guest speakers who will be paid no more than $5,000. Please read the Guide to Financial Transactions to determine what additional documentation should be submitted. Refer to the Brown University's Guest Speaker Visitor Travel Reimbursement policies for more information.

Supplier Contracts for


Invoice Template

This form is in place of the IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form W-9. There are four options: speakers, performances, DJs, services. For more information, visit the Guide to Financial Transactions.

Student Organization Contracts
(Off-Campus Venue Rentals)

This form is a service agreement contract for renting an off-campus/external venue. For more information, visit the Guide to Financial Transactions.

Student Services Payment Form 

                  Physical Activity Waiver

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Last Updated 8/23/2021