Deposits, Donations, & Sales

Deposits, Donations, and Sales

Please refer to the Funding Options section of the SAO website for information on how your group may be able to obtain funding.

Monies from sources other than the Undergraduate Finance Board (UFB) can be carried forward from year to year and are referred to as "raised funds." Money raised by your organization will carry forward to each semester, however, unused budget money allocated from the UFB will be returned to the UFB at the end of each semester.

All money raised by your organization must be brought to the SAO to be deposited. Do not hold on to cash and checks for your organization, deposits should be made promptly. Checks must be payable to “Brown University" and the name of the organization must be noted on the check.   Your organization’s mailbox in the SAO is not secure, so please let the SAO know if you are expecting to receive checks or cash. We are unable to accept large amounts of coin so please convert the coins to bills prior to deposit.

If you are depositing a donation, please indicate this when making a deposit. Brown is a non-profit organization. As such, donations are tax deductible to the donors. In order for any donations to your organization to be tax deductible, they must be recorded as gifts with the University. Soliciting donations from corporations or alumni must follow appropriate protocols.

Please note: The tax deductible amount of a contribution may be affected if a donor receives something in return for their contribution (e.g., cd, tickets to a show).  This information must be disclosed to the donor and the Internal Revenue Service. Please consult the Student Activities Office if you have any questions.

Making Deposits after Evening/Weekend Events

When collecting money during an evening or weekend event on campus, please follow the deposit procedure below.

  • Obtain a deposit bag and a deposit transmittal form from the SAO prior to the event.
  • When collection of admission has ended, a representative from the group must count the cash and checks and fill out the deposit transmittal form.
  • Place the completed deposit transmittal form in the deposit bag along with all the cash and checks that were collected at the event.  The bag should then be sealed and the DPS officer on duty at the event should be notified that a safety transport is needed.  If an officer is not present at the event, please call the Department of Public Safety at 863-3322 and request a safety transport.
  • An officer will pick you up and transport you to the Brown Office Building where the drop box is located (inside lobby next to the staircase).  The officer will stay with you while you put the deposit in the drop box and then return you to the event.
  • The deposit will be counted and verified the next morning (or on Monday following a weekend event) by the Cash Management Office.   The funds will be posted to the organization’s account upon verification.  Any discrepancies will be reported to the SAO and the person that completed the deposit transmittal form.

Selling Items at Tables (Lobby of J. Walter Wilson or elsewhere)

In early March 2008, there was an organized theft of a student organization cash box from the PO.  While the perpetrators were arrested and the cash returned, we request that all groups adhere to the following:

1. Any suspicious behavior or unnecessary loitering inside or around the PO should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Dept. of Public Safety at 863-4111.

2. Keep your cash box in a location that is not easily accessible to swiping (i.e. on a chair behind the table, etc.).

3. Deposits must be made in the SAO at the end of each day of sales to limit the amount of cash in the box the next day.  Your last volunteer will need to have a few minutes to stay in the SAO while a deposit is made.

4. Note:  In the event of theft, your ability to accurately report amount of sales is important.  Please plan accordingly.

5. If you anticipate collecting a significant amount of cash (i.e. over $500):

  • Notify the SAO so DPS can be put on notice.
  • Do not sell at a location by any doorway.
  • Have more than 1 person at your table with one keeping their hands on the cash box at all times.
  • Make midday or multiple deposits. Please call the SAO for a pickup/escort at 863-2341.

The SAO is working to develop safer methods for sales, including on-line credit card transactions.  DPS is also stepping up its patrol of the area during sales (10 AM-2 PM).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please forward them to Diane Chouinard in the SAO.

To reserves tables in the JWW/mailroom lobby, please email our office at .