Funding Opportunities

The majority of funding for undergraduate student organizations comes from the undergraduate Student Activities Fee, which is distributed by the Undergraduate Finance Board (UFB); however, other source of funding exist.

The process of crediting your financial account varies depending on the source. Please look for more information under each funding opportunity and under Deposits and Donations under Financial Management.

  • GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL- has limited funds to co-sponsor events or activities that are of interest to the Brown University Graduate Student Body. The maximum funding that may be requested from the GSC for any one event or activity shall be $400 or half of the total budget for the event or activity, whichever amount is less. Funding requests shall be submitted to the GSC Treasurer at least 1 week prior to a GSC meeting in order to be considered at the next meeting.
  • Departmental Funding - Many groups seek funding from campus departments whose purpose aligns with their planned activity. Offices may inquire with the SAO about your event prior to granting funds.Money from University departments requires a "journal entry" from that department to the SAO in the university's financial system, Workday. Please have the department call the SAO for your account number and the correct sub code to access our set of accounts. Once the journal is completed, the funds will post to the group account.