Getting Connected

Student groups can make use of several CIS services intended especially to enhance communication.

Student Group Websites

Student groups wishing to have their own website have several options. Typical website architecture can be obtained through either a Student Org Brownsites account or a Web Publishing account. Below are brief descriptions of these two options. Blogs, wikis, and google sites are additional options. To learn more about these options, go to:

In any case, you may also be interested in getting a short URL to give people easier access to your information.

Most student groups will be best served by a Brownsite. This allows you to create the content of your site which will appear in the standard university template, such as that of the SAO site.

To request a Brownsite, please submit the form at

If you have an existing group Brownsite, the existing Site Owner can give access to additional students. If you have lost this information, please email to ask for assistance.

Web Publishing Accounts
A Web Publishing account allows a student group to build their own site from scratch in an open development space.

To request a Web Publishing account, please submit the Information Provider Form.

To be given access to an existing Web Publishing account, please submit the same Information Provider Form.

Group Email Addresses

Groups can create "departmental" email addresses so that their organization's can send and receive e-mail as an organization (for example, the Undergraduate Finance Board created a departmental e-mail address for - the organization can then designate the individual members who have access to the mailbox. Alternatively, departmental e-mail address forms can be used to create an alias that will send all e-mails to one person or a distribution list that will send them to multiple members.Go to Accounts and Access on the CIS page and click "All Other Applications", then complete the form. 

In completing the form, you'll need to include the name and e-mail address of Isaac Albanese, Administrative Coordinator, Student Activities Office at

Membership Listservs

Listservs offers a variety of options to facilitate communicate within an organization or group. An on-line request form, access to existing listserv archives, and instructions for listserv managers are available.