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Redistribution of Funds from Inactive Group Accounts

If the Student Activities Office determines that a group is no longer active at Brown, any remaining funds in the group’s account(s) may be redistributed.  As it is standard practice for any funds from the undergraduate Student Activities Fee to be returned at the end of each semester to the Undergraduate Finance Board, any remaining funds when an organization becomes inactive will have been determined to not be from the Student Activities Fee.

In order for a group to be considered inactive, either the SAO must be in receipt of communication from the organization’s last known leadership that the group is no longer active OR the group must have been unrecognized by UCS, GSC, or the department that provided recognition and the group’s financial account(s) must have not experienced any transactions for the past two years.

If a group is found to be inactive, the following will guide the redistribution of any remaining funds in the group’s account(s):

  1. The SAO will make every effort to work the Undergraduate Council of Students and/or the Graduate Student Council to first ensure that the group is no longer active and is likely to remain so.
  2. If the funds are from a source with defined use, such as an endowment account, the SAO will work with the Division of Advancement to evaluate the use of the funds and redistribute the funds according to applicable restrictions.
  3. The SAO will work with UCS and GSC to identify if there is a currently existing student organization that is a successor organization or has a related purpose.  If this is the case, the funds will be transferred to that organization.
  4. If there is not a group with a related purpose in existence, the SAO will use the funds, at the discretion of the Director, to support the activities of any recognized student organization. On an annual basis, the Director will review use of inactive account funds with the UCS Student Activities Chair, GSC Vice-President for Administration, and UFB Chairperson.