Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising for Student Organizations

SAO launch an online fundraising option for student organizations through Marketplace allowing them to raise funds for external 501c3 organizations. 

As a reminder, groups are permitted to donate their raised funds to external organizations but UFB funds, derived from the student activities fee, must remain within Brown. Additionally, this method is the only approved way for groups to raise funds online. 

If your organization is looking to fundraise, please note that the organization that you will be donating to needs to have completed the Supplier Registration Form and provided documentation of its 501c3 status. This information must be submitted prior to filling out the form to create your fundraising product on Marketplace. 

Steps to complete the Supplier Registration Form can be found here, and external 501c3 organizations should fill out this form. An updated database will show which organizations have already been approved, and which are currently in the process of approval. 

Once this has been completed, please submit a Marketplace Product form. Your product will be processed by Diane Chouinard before being sent for approval. Once the product has been approved, Diane will notify you that your product is live.

Please note that the complete processing time can take up to ten business days for the product to be enabled. This processing time can be extended due to high volume of product requests. Additionally, there is a 5% processing fee for each donation received through Marketplace to cover credit card processing fees and student labor. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]