How to Join

How to Join Greek Organizations & Program Houses (except Panhellenic groups)

If you are interested in joining a Greek or Program House you need to participate in recruitment events from the end of January through the end of February.  It is a period of time during which potential members express interest in particular Greek organizations or Program Houses, and those groups express interest in particular potential members.  

Steps to Join:

  • Official recruitment evnets for spring 2021 have concluded.  Stay tuned on individual group's social media for upcoming virtual events and opportunities to join.
  • Brown University students may not join a Greek organization or Program House during their first semester at college.  The system is a deferred recruitment system and students may join their second semester.
  • All students who would like to receive an invitation for membership from a Greek organization or Program House must first complete an online hazing prevention module.  
  • If you need any type of accommodations to access GPH recruitment (virtual or in-person if permitted), please contact [email protected]

For a list of groups eligible for recruitment & currently recognized at Brown University click here.

NPC Panhellenic Recruitment:  Primary Formal Recruitment has concluded for 2021.  Some organizations may be eligible for a continuous open bid (COB).  Please inquire with individual groups or contact the Panhellenic President, Elena Panzitta. (Panhellenic website).


 1.       Potential New Members (PNMs) check out the organizations
PNMs look at each of Greek and Program Houses after to see where they see a potential fit.  

 2.      Recruitment
Students are encouraged to meet with organizations at their events throughout the year.  From the end of January through the end of February, each organization sponsors a number of open events designed specifically for potential new members to get to know its active members and learn more about the process of joining.  

3.      Bid Distribution
Organizations hand out bids at the end of the recruitment period.  Each group has different methods for choosing who to extend a bid to and some potential new members may be extended a bid by more than one organization.  If you’d like to join an organization, the best thing to do is to make friends and express your interest as these are typically the key elements in making bidding decisions.

4.     Bid Acceptance
Once students receive a bid, they have a few days to make a final decision on whether or not to join.  The Assistant Director for Greek & Program House Engagement will email all students who have received a bid a Bid Acceptance Form.  At this time, a student must decide which organization to join or to decline a bid for membership.

  1. If a student chooses to not to join, they simply do not fill out the bid acceptance form.
  2. If a student chooses to join, they must complete the Bid Acceptance form to commit to a specific organization.  The organization may also give the student the option (or require) them to live in house. 
  3. The Bid Acceptance form also allows for students to sign a housing contract which will commit them to living in house for the following fall semester and will remove them from the housing lottery.

5. Pledging and New Member Education
The pledging process typically begins immediately following the Bid Acceptance.  All organizations must comlete their new member process during the semester in which they bid is extended.  While each house maintains its own secretive rituals and traditions of pledging, hazing is strictly forbidden. If you would like to report an incident of hazing, please click here.

Last Updated 3/25/2021