Ria Mirchandani

Ria Mirchandani, `15

Student Challenge Event Winner

Ria Mirchandani has a modest biography in comparison to those the other TEDxBrownU speakers (but it hopefully won’t remain that way for long). She is a sophomore from Mumbai, India, and is currently comfortably confused as to what her concentration may be. She has spent her time at Brown soaking in the open curriculum by taking classes in departments ranging from Literary Arts to Engineering to Archeology, and has even designed her own course with friends. Though she is uncertain as to which career path her life should take, she is certain that she wants to travel, especially to places of historical significance and great hot chocolate. Some of her interests include tie-dying t-shirts, writing, performing magic tricks, calorie counting and rediscovering music from her father’s generation. She hopes to eventually solve the conflict between India and Pakistan, and figure out a way for humans to synthesize their own food through a form of photosynthesis.