TEDx 2012 Program



Introduction   12:30 p.m.

  Vanessa Ryan                         Organizer’s Welcome and Introduction
  Katherine Bergeron              Dean of the College
                           Introduction to TEDx

Session One
  Richard Morrill                      Liberal Learning and Human Capabilities
  Katherine Chon                      Reinventing the Underground Railroad
  Philip Gruppuso                     
Life, Learning and a Liberal Medical Education
  Ari Matusiak                           The Economic Imperative of Liberal Learning
  Short Break
  Ria Mirchandani                    Putting Liberal Education in Perspective
  Nawal Nour                             Development Studies and International Relations:
                                                     How Do they Lead to Obstetrics
 Brad Simpson                         Zombies, Drag Queens, Glam Rockers, & Wimpy Kids
                                                    (Or What I Did with my Liberal Arts Degree) 
 Jill Huchital                             
How Technologists Untangle Complexity

Conversation Break

Session Two  4:30 p.m.
  Sonja Santelises                      
Latent Power in Human Vessels
  Amanda Anderson                 
Practicing the Humanities
  Tom Gardner                           Liberal Arts in the 21st Century

TED Videos Screened
  Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong
  Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution!
  Dolby + Garniez “La Vie en Rose”
  Robert Gupta: Between Music and Medicine